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Anyang Cuisine

Mainly there are dregs of peels in the local delicacies in Anyang, three dip, Anyang blood cake, powder thick liquid meal, Anyang "three smoked", reel off raw silk from cocoons burn, knotweed flower, tough hawthorn cake, etc. , beef of temple and state of forest.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Deduct the crisp meat of bowl
Area Anyang of Central Plains, the taste is partial and light, but Sichuan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Northeastern dish are entered in succession in recent years, go to restaurant for meals, Anyang native like various cuisine to both put in order. Local traditional cuisine eight major bowls are still popular, the weddings and funerals are especially a lot. As far as present taste are concerned, buckle bowl crisp meat have potentiality spread far and wide to continue most.

>>Fry three and does not dip
Anyang traditional famous dish, with egg yolk being main material, mix with sweet-scented osmanthus candy, white sugar, powder Gorgon Euryale, etc. fry and make. The soft sesame oil of finished product is moist, does not dip in pan, chopsticks, "three is not stained" gain the naming.

>>Braise dishes in Anyang
The traditional cooked food in Anyang, the kind has the amount of kind six or seven. It have by meticulous "braise sea by dish", "on braise by dish"; Have materials ordinary, price cheap " braise dish" too; There are materials simple "flat powder dishes"; "bean curd in earthenware pot" derived and offered because of using the cooking ware differently, "braising in the sea of the earth pot". Anyang braise because dish various in style, batching precise and appropriate, soup alcohol delicious nutritious to become local famous dish.

>>Anyang knotweed flower
Anyang traditional cooked food, regards high-quality polished glutinous rice, soya bean, white sugar, maltose, sweet-scented osmanthus, etc. as raw materials, the finished color and luster is golden yellow, like bee's nest, sweet not oiliness, crisp and burnt and fragrant.

>>Ty burns and flower with silk
Burn flower is name special cake of Anyang. Characteristic is big body, light like goose feather, complexion is golden yellow, the section takes the form of silk screen pure whitely, post the design of scattered small flowers plants the body surface, novel and unique, original in style. It is crisp and fragrant and sweet, melt in the mouth at once.

>>Anyang "three is smoked"
Including the smoked chicken, smoked egg, smoked pig's head meat. Three smoked crafts stress, the materials are strict, operate it conscientiously. The finished product presents persimmons are red, glossy and glittering, fat but not oiliness, thick fragrant smell pure, aftertaste long, cool to wipe out the hot food, go well with wine and go with rice and will do.

>>The sack fish of eight treasures
With one in weight lifelike the Yellow River as raw materials, in addition the batching, condiments one of carp it, with the vinegar juice of the ginger after having the cage and steaming familiarly. It selects the strictness, there are much batching, condiments to stress, and making is meticulous. The flavor characteristic is that the physique is intact and in good taste, the design is pleasing and esthetic, the seafood is tender, the juice is delicious, nutritious.

>>Tough temple beef
Slippery temple the north little stockade village as master of county, for process beef industry, to the middle period of Qing Dynasty, villager every family kill ox boil the meat, boil the technology of burning to update. Tough temple beef spend 15 condiments and old year long-used soup, boil, make with charcoal fire.

>>Daokou roasted chicken
Road junction "justice revitalize piece" cook chicken formulate to the eight year of Shunzhi's (1661), classified as the tribute in the period of Jiaqing. After new China is established, making skill can be inherited and developed, build up a production line of roasted chicken.

>>Spiced bean foam
It is a kind of soup food welcomed by the masses in Anyang. It is the main material to endure and make the foam of the beans with the millet, steep and send with the cold water together with Chinese prickly ash, fennel, adjust and wear into the pastel rice juice with water. Have the pan and add water, put into shelled peanut, soya bean, kelp silk, bean noodles, refined salt, etc., quench into the rice juice after boiling, stir while pouring, see the pan open, press the fire immediately, put bean curd silk, carrot silking, wave dishing, frying sesames, etc.. The foam of the finished beans, paste the color milk yellow, red and green and clearly demarcated, various condiment are chewed and born fragrantly, slightly completely chilli.

>>The dreg of the cover
Anyang one of "three major treasure". It's characteristic: Delicious and delicious, eat more and does not mind. Rely mainly on bean noodles; add the shallot, garlic, lard, refined salt, sesame oil, dried small shrimp. It has many kinds of way to eat to fry, spike bowl and so on.

>>Powder thick liquid meal
An Yang one of "three major treasure". Characteristic its aromatic and sour and sweet and agreeable to the taste strong, have result relieved inflammation or internal heat to clear away heat. Endure to make powder thick liquid meal take green bean powder thick liquid as the core, mix high-quality millet, soybean, shelled peanut, refined salt, right amount of lard with, offer water, paste chopped scallion juice after the pan, let go, pay coriander foam.

>>Blood cake
Anyang one of "three major treasures". The traditional local delicacies in Anyang start in the Qianlong Year of Qing Dynasty. Add with buckwheat flour, coagulated pig's blood used as a food seasoning steam, slice oily to fry at the food, spread the mashed garlic, peppery and delicious.

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