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Anyang History

About the 14th century B.C., Shang king Panying move the capital to another place on the Yin Dynasty (today Anyang urban area Xiaotun village ) from Yan (today Shandong Qufu ), then Anyang is Yin Shang capital. Yin Shang Dynasty, go through kings of 8 generations 12 here. The 11th century B.C., Zhou Wuwang Jifa lead army of duke under an emperor, fight with Shang Dynasty Zhou king in Muye (today southwest of county Qi). Zhou king defeat, burn oneself to death, the Yin Dynasty lose. Seven years for Weiwenhou (the first 440), found a capital in Ye, regard Simon's leopard as Ye's order, Anyang is the place of Ji. At the spring and autumn, belong to Wei first, belong to the Jin Dynasty after, called Dongyang. Unless at the time of the Warring States, Zhaoxiang king 50 year in Qin (a the first 257), change" Ningxinzhong" as Anyang, the name of Anyang starts to see in the history. In 221 B.C., Qin Shihuang unified six countries, the system of prefectures and counties that use, start to set Anyang county, is under the jurisdiction of Handan prefecture. The Zhou of the north elephant two years (580), YangJian complements the policy, person in over-all charge, Yuchi widely different to refuse to obey, send soldier to fight to Yang Jian defeat and commit suicide, Yang Jian orders to destroy Ye city by fire, move Xiangzhou, prefecture Wei, Ye county manage Anyang in an area 20 kilometers south of Ye, Anyang city as the management of Xiangzhou, Wei prefecture, Ye county. The first year of an era Daye of Sui (605), waste Xiangzhou, deposit the Wei prefecture, manage Anyang, commands 11 counties. Wude first year of an era of great-great-grandfather of Tang (618), reply Wei prefecture into Xiangzhou, command 8 counties. In the beginning of Song, Xiangzhou under the jurisdiction of Hebei west road, put Zhangde army verse degree. Gold Zhangzong Mingchang three years (1192), Zhangde rise as office, commands 5 counties. Also called Zhangde office in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, commanded 6 counties and a state (the magnetic state).
At the beginning of Min, along making Qing. In October of 1932, the national government supervised the seat of local government of prefectural commissioner's office administratively for the third district in the province of Henan in Anyang in the dividing into area in the province, command 11 counties, until the Chinese People's Liberation Army took over on May 6 , 1949. On August 1, 1949, Pingyuan province was established, Anyang was the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government. Will it be November 30 1952, cancel Pingyuan province, Anyang market assign the province of Henan, it is still the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government.

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