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Anyang Overview

Anyang city lies in the very north of province Henan of China, adjoin of the place such as Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei and Henan 4 provinces, In view of Chinese domain, it is occupying the centre position. The geographical coordinate is 37 fen for 113 degrees of east longitude --58 fen for 114 degrees, 12 fen for 35 degrees of north latitude --22 fen for 36 degrees. Abut by Taihang Mountain in the west, last North China Plain, The Heng River which origin from Taihang Mountain east foothill, water from the urban district flows. Anyang belongs to the continental monsoon climate of the north temperate, makes a clear distinction between the four seasons, the sunshine is sufficient, the rainfall is centralized, and the climate is pleasant. The whole average temperature of the whole year is 14.1 °C, the average annual rainfall is 556.8.
Have jurisdiction over five counties (city) and four districts in Anyang, i.e.: Anyang county, Linzhou city, Tangyin county, Neihuang county, Hua County and Wenfeng district, Beiguan area, Yingdu district, Longan district. Have another provincial high and new technology industrial development zone. The whole area is 7413 sq. km., total population is 5,330,000, among them the area of urban area is 543.6 sq. km., and total population is 1,012,000. There are 43 nationalities such as Chinese, Hui, Mongolia, Man, Zhuang, Miao, Zang, Korea, Tujia in the whole city.
This city borders on towering and dangerously steep Taihang Mountain in the west. Taihang Mountain is one of several rare mountain ranges running N-S in China. 400 kilometers Taihang is very much mysteriously and beautifully. One river that foot of a mountain rise flow through urban area, this is Heng water that record in the old inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells. The industry of Anyang is completely categories, have trades such as steel, coal, electricity, electron, machinery, light industry, medicine, building materials, etc. More than 1000 kinds of industrial products, export product find a good sale in world 101 countries and regions, China a heavy one colored to show and look like glass shell production base and Henan province most loud iron and steel enterprise become the pillar industry of Anyang. The resources of Anyang are abundant, the main mineral products are coal, iron, ore, marble, quartz sand, gray rock of cement, etc., main agricultural products are wheat, maize, cotton, soybean, peanut, etc., it is the main cotton producing region of the province of Henan. Red date, honey, hawthorn, walnut are enjoying high reputation at home and abroad.

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