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Welcome to Anyang!
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Anyang Shopping

Main business street of Anyang have red flag way, north street, south street, around the main market is distributed in these business streets. There are many small shops specializing in selling the local products by the street, you can go to these small shops to have a look by the way, choose fresh characteristic articles a bit to take home after playing.

The special product in Anyang

>>The big yellow date inside
A pork is thick, whippy, sour and sweet and delicious, nutritious, there is fairly good medical treatment and health care function. As far back as the Tang Dynasty, the big yellow date was classified as the tribute inside. Chinese date ripe season in mid-September, come Anyang can taste fresh loud yellow date inside at this moment.

>>Quack medicine
Claim Wanying remedy originally, gain the name ointment lot on the dogskin. Firstly appeared by YaotaiRen. Select the first-class musk for use , not have crude drugs such as medicine, Olibanum, asafoetida, cow bezoar, blood exhausting, Chinese angelica, papaya, etc., formulate strictly, smelted it. Divide into fall medicine, type lotion, firm copies of lotion, draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part lotion, warm umbilicus lotion, take malicious lotion, take silt lotion large kind, chase silt stop the pain, disappear, accumulate, melt piece, relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, drive wind scattered cold efficiency, cure mainly the woman clot, masculinity lump, gather in the belly, the warm numbness of chill, the waist leg is miserable, the joint is sprained, stomach cold has a pain, disease numb in every limb.

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