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Travel guide of Anyang

>>International gliding base
The forest state is with green hills and clear waters, beautiful. Towering Taihang Mountain stretches in a connected line from north to south; the sinuous Zhang River is surged forward to the east by the west. Linzhou international gliding base lie kilometer of forests consider the mountain north segment in the northwest of the urban area, state of forest, 1300 meters above the sea level, the disconnected precipice falls in the basin of the pass directly, the high air flows steadily, numerous scenic spots and historical sites are interspersed. Set out from urban area by bus, go up north along a trunk canal of red flag canal, pass and do in the tunnel very much, and then walk in the sky way, can go to the forest directly and consider the gliding base of the mountaintop end . Hang and take off field in saddle Nao persimmon red head natural village southern side, with smooth mountaintop, the cliff is straight like the knife is pared. Stand head can overlook mountains and rivers scenery, state of forest, in precipice, umbrella wing glide, take off field lie in stupid class village south teach the field, and here was once the place where the prime minister built the palace, stationed troops to pile up army provisions high and joyous in the Eastern Wei Dynasty. The forest is considered the international gliding base of mountain to open up, glide athlete's numerous trial flight by China and foreign countries, and relevant experts investigate on the spot, think unanimously: The terrain of taking off here is good, the place of landing is good, beautiful scenery, the traffic board and lodging is convenient, is the best, world-class gliding base of Asia.

>>Consider the mountain scenery excursion district in the forest
Lie in city western, state of forest, known as the south do forest consider mountain very much. "The Milky Way that artificial" that well-known --The red flag canal, construct in the overhanging cliff of the mountain. So, this scenic spot is named "the red flag canal, Consider the mountain scenic spot in the forest". "Asia first, world-class" gliding base. The main area of scenic spot is 100 sq. km, the land of charm and beauty of our country has the praise of "north hero's south show", and forest consider mountain whether the north male scene defeat place most. Forest considers mountain have a long history, remit unique natural landscape and human cultural sight in an organic whole, the tourist resources are generous.
From period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, here has already become all tourist attractions attracted attention. Shang Dynasty the 22nd generation of king military Wangwuding, send Wangxiangyan to live together with slaves of common people his father at the teenager, get to know slave Fushui, find he is very talented, he in silence three years ascend the throne, to persuade courtier, ask Fushui come out of retirement and take up an official post and visit for prime minister, and Wuding had Fushui that assist a ruler in governing a country, have realized "a line of rejuvenation of the Yin Dynasty" in China's history. The Eastern Han Dynasty period, Xiafu, government official of court, under the pressure of emperor misfortune of officer, recessive bury name take refuge herein, the trace is remained now. Visit Taoist priest Zhaodexiu occupy mountain and not want to leave Jiajing Year of Ming Dynasty, build the scene in accordance with the precipice, practice hard elixir of life, still store its master and apprentice's tomb tower now. Impressive in the scenic spot, the scene is beautiful alone. Through the development and construction in recent years, have formed it with the red flag canal of "the Milky Way of manpower", Taihang Grand Canyon, mood of Taihang Wangxingyan, invert the valley of the peach blossom in summer of winter, the north male scene balance mountain, Chinese incense cedar garden dragons and phoenixes mountain, cross drift fountain ten thousand over line bridge five dragon hole, etc. for distinctive scenic spot of subject view, mountain of spring and hole of dragon.

>>Pearl Spring
Lie in urban area due west kilometer of waters smelt town, mainly by horse's hoof spring, draw 8 spring, spring of sword and spring, etc. of Wolong make up, 1300 square meters of surface of water, water is 2 meters deep on average, surfacing amount is 2.2 cubic meters per second, Pearl Spring scenic spot lay out pearl spring park into already, garden forest cover day, ancient cypress reach to the sky. Limpid pool water set off when being green and overcast, the spring gushes, the gurgle is sound; Bubble cluster, is like one bunch of pearls. Nearby the spring towers 10 copal, including two roots to be neighboring, the tree trunk is more than take offing 1 meter place to gather. In the group spring has an island; on the island has a pavilion. In addition still had along the spring corridor, the view spring pavilion, the amusement pavilion and so on. Between the number spring, has the exquisite stone bridge to connect, the person "the cross running water bridge rock pile bridge", the bridge parapet column head, the vulture has lies the lion to squat the monkey, the manner respectively differently, lifelike.

>>Taihang Grand Gorge
Taihang Mountain Continuous thousand meters, is entrenched the vast earth of three provinces of Henan, Shanxi, Hebei like a blue and green huge dragon. Taihang Grand Gorge from Linzhou city Rencun town Huishan corner. reach Shanxi province smooth-going county bottom hole village in the south, 30 kilometers long from south to north, 200 meters wide from east to west, 60 meters of narrowest places. The hills and mountains are surrounded, the chain of mountains is overlapping, the grotesque peak is towering, the wall and platforms are interlocks, the shape is multifarious, forest cover, grow green and fresh, the green hill and flowing water, the cliff plank road, scenery "the hero, dangerous, strange, show". Stand in the height overlooking, it is a scene to resume, it is a scene to bow, it is a scene to watch on the left, it is a scene to see in right, the scenery is fan Main scenic spot as follows, mountain prospect district, Wangxiangyan scenic spot, scenic spot valley of peach blossom, scenic spot of Xiantai Mountain, Taihang flat lake scenic spot, Linlu mountain international gliding base, etc. too. Three nine-day periods after the winter solstice ice and snow peach blossom valley that peach blossom turn on and heat hole invert the wonder frozen a summer of winter dog days then, make the visitors of people mysterious and praising the mouth without cease especially. Taihang Grand Gorge abundant natural landscape and human cultural sight attract visitor all sides. Receive the visitors come to visit and camp every year, Sue recuperate, glide large quantities of visitors such as rock-climbing.

>>Yin Dynasty ruins
Lie in Anyang Xiaotun village area, it is the site of the capital of later stage of Shang Dynasty. In 1899, the Xiaotun villagers who collected the village found a lot of tortoise-shells carved with the characters and beast's bone, verify through studying this is the oldest inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of characters up until now. This discovery helps historians to find the position of the Yin Dynasty ruins accuratly rapidly. In after hillock find late by culture, the Longshan culture trader and last culture splendid for the first time; Explore 13 big tombs and large quantities of sacrificial pits in west district of northwest hillock and east district, prove here is the emperor's tomb area; Collecting and exploring out a batch of palaces and site of ancestral temple of Xiaotun village. The most important thing is in the unearth relic first bone, explore unearthed 24794 slices together, including famous "four editions of big tortoise", "seven editions of big tortoise".
The 14th century B.C., Shang king Pangong move the capital to another place to the Yin (i.e. a present Xiaotun village) , set up the first steady national capital in history of our country here. The whole area of Yin Dynasty ruins is up to 24 sq. km., there are a large number of bronze wares, stone implement inside, bone object, jade articles, etc. have historical relic of value of precious historical datas, among them the most famous one is "in good taste pot of department's mother's fifth" which weigh up to 875 kilograms, it is the biggest and heaviest bronze wares found in the world so far.

>>The imperial tomb of two emperors
Lie in interior Huang County southeast kilometer of three Yang village wests, ancient times era Zhuanxu, Diku of the "five emperor". According to legend, Zhuanxu is the second emperor of five emperors, the superman of ability and intelligence since the childhood, assist emperor's policy at 15 years old, ascend the throne at 20 years old, 78 years in place, dies at the age of 98 years old. Zhuanxu make the China calendar first. Diku is the third emperor of five emperors. He assists emperor's policy at 15 years old, ascend the throne at 30 years old, in 75 years in place, dies at the age of 105 years old. They are all wise and able emperors. Annual lunar calendar (China traditional calendar) March 18, two the Supreme Being imperial tomb have grand temple fairs, people are numerous, sacrifice to two emperors. Two emperor imperial tomb establishment time difficult to test, repeatedly expand after the Tang Dynasty. Two luxurious emperors bury in the sand dune because a sand blown by the wind was moved south to in the period of declaring the interconnected system in the latter stage of Qing Dynasty in the imperial tomb. Only store the stone tablet two times on the ground. Through 1986 preliminary investigation, mausoleum outline has basically investigate, the wide space had five main halls of a Buddhist temple, has had long corridors ago, there are 41 times of stone tablet in the hall. Both sides each mix three rooms in front of the hall. More than 200 meters behind the audience hall, is the mausoleum enclosure, 165 meters long from east to west, the north and south is 66 meters wide, take the form of the rectangle, build and build for Yuan Dynasty brick. There are building relics. The imperial tomb of two emperors takes up an area of more than 20 hectares, the cemetery park is being repaired after removing and accumulating the sand.

>>Wenfeng tower
lies in Anyang old city the old site of Yutianning temple (The second middle school sides in Anyang of today). Someone explains it as the symbol of Anyang. This tower of structures are special, have and leave greatly small, take the form of umbrella, extremely rare in the ancient tower of our country, someone says it is rare too abroad.
Wenfeng tower originally call Tianningsi tower, building in the period of Sui Renshou year (601-604), tower build on back Zhou Guangshun two year (952 year ), had more than 1,000 years so far. Had rebuilt this tower in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. In 1772 years (the 37th year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty), Huangbangning who Served as officer of Zhangde (i.e. today Anyang), renovate Tianning temple and tower again. He thinks the tower works in concert with Confucian Temple in the south, the two can represent the culture peak of the ancient city, four big characters of question "towering show of gentle peak" on the door banner of the tower, then this tower gains the name in "Wenfeng tower" again, been continuing to use it until today all the time. Wenfeng tower is 38.65 meters high, the base girth of the tower is 40 meters. Wooden eaves of brick body. Octagonal body of the tower place oneself in round lotus flower flat, lotus one amount to 7 storeys, interlock from head to foot, unfold left and right sides,on bear by body of the tower, make protect by tower base, a tower is beautiful and of ornamental value. Five grades of upper part of the body in the tower go out of the eaves, increase step by step up from leaving. It is not the same to go out of the sets of brackets on top of the columns of the eaves on the each floor. There are copper tongued bells in the head department of octagonal eaves, the breeze blows, jingle and bang, give somebody the farsighted and solemn and quiet sense. There are the top of the towers looks wheel of tower stop. The front around the lower part of the body of the tower, each have a door, among them straight in the south is the real door,others are the false door. The first volume of certificate door, there are tile carvings two dragons playing with a pearl picture. Huge to have for column at the coiled dragon surrounding dragon, on add by iron chain chains, the getting are vgrander. Between eight dragon's columns, there are relief Buddhism story pictures of eight bricks: Straight in the south is three suits of statues of Buddha; Southwest corner is Shijiamouni statement picture, Xidaduo crown prince born picture in the west; Northwest corner is the Shakya Buddha snowy mountain ascetic practices revises the picture, Northern side is the goddess of mercy and the friendly wealth gragon woman picture. The northeast corner is Buddha as the beauty view picture; East side is the Shakya Buddha picture; The southeast corner is Persian evil Queen Wang Ji waits on Buddha to hear the Buddhist image. These relief modelling are vivid, the facial expression is lifelike, posture is nature, lifelike, it is a rare artistic treasure.

>>Mansion temple
Lies in Anyang center, originally name is Tianning temple, establish in back Zhou, that was more than 1000 years ago. Wenfeng tower is different with usually tower being seen, is a tower with large top and small bottom. This tower is 38 meters high, body of the tower is octagonal in shape, amounts to five storeys. All is brick structure, carve pattern on the dark red tower brick, the content takes Buddhism story as the core. Top of the tower have one small treasure bottle form tower stop, tower stop form and Beijing White Tower of North Sea very similar. Can overlook the faraway mountains and nearby water getting the ancient city while stepping on the tower.

>>Revise the temple tower
Lie in the cool mountain southern foot of 35 kilometers in the northwest of the urban area. In this tower was established in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, rebuilt in the Tang Dynasty, is classified as the national-level Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection. Revise temple Tamerlan and look from afar like a square bridge facing south, nearly view entire bodies are the magnificent and grand brick relief. Tower this nearly 20 meter high, body of the tower is square, body of the tower wall inlay rhombus, rectangle, triangular, parallel four like side high relief 3775 of brick. Body of the tower square meter of surfaces have one blank, even four corners contain U-shaped group flower corner post, both sides add, get away the dragon climbs one pack of columns. The tile carving pattern of the whole tower is up to 76 kinds. Have head comb round hair worn in a bun or coil, in robe true man, have face to be plump, foot pedal cloud maid-servant of shoe, have high up in the air drift, light flying Apsaras that song dance exquisitely, have naked, suit pitch boy of undergarment, have soldierly bearing and magnificent carrying helmet pass through first warrior, have wear sharp cap, urgent clothing moustache of long gown rise people, etc.. In addition is decorated with pattern such as Green Dragon, white tiger, the flowers, colored ribbon, vivid and lifelike. The hills and mountains surround around the ancient tower, trees spring onions cage, the stream is murmuring, the environment is peaceful. An area 1 kilometers north of tower cool for foot of a mountain, it "pond gold", "chirp chicken dog last stone", "stone at the ingot", etc. scenic spot.

>>The site of city Youli
Lie in an area 15 kilometers south of urban area, the site of city in left Youli of Ann soup highway, there is China where characters record national prison of first. The last King for Shang Dynasty one cruel tyrant in Zhou of emperor, once all over cruel torture of setting up he, build the wine pool, meat forest, for indulging in material comfort. Because the Xibochang implements mercy prosperously, supported by common people, the emperor is very uneasy with this, then imprisoned the west uncle prosperously herein for 7 years. Xibochang imprison, cruel emperor peppery to insult his personality often, even kill his son, cook adult's meat soup to let Xibochang drink. Xibochang learns that vomit out the food eaten any more every day after the true feelings, year in and year out, having formed a small mound, the descendant calls "vomits". Xibochang at the age of 82 bears the grief and strongly, makes a determined effort to pursue scholarly work, will bend over the Eight Diagrams of sunlight to deduce into 64 divinatory symbol 384 Yao finally, so as to infer with the change of the society naturally, the descendant calls that "book of changes". It is said, the modern computer has quoted the binary scale principle of "book of changes" promptly. For commemorate Xibochang, in imprison city site build gentle temple Wang on the Youli city of him that year descendant. The extant building was rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1542). Gentle Wang temple the south have blue and green stone memorial archway, "ZhouWenWang Youli city" stone tablet carved with tadpole "Yu tablet" of characters. Collect the steps and go to, cross the mountain door, the ancient cypress reaches to the sky in the courtyard. The room of three buildings rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty "performs and exchanges the platform" and rises sheer from level ground. Gentle temple Wang courtyard stone inscription a lot of, a noticeable one "gentle Wang Yi" tablet most among them, on engrave "Yi at the Zhou" 64 divinatory symbol and their annotations. City site extant Youli, higher than ground about more than one zhang soil platform for one, 105 meters long from south to north, 103 meters wide from east to west, area is up to ten thousands of square meters. There is gentle Wang temple at platform, sit in the north to the south, the ancient cypress is dark green. Extant building have Yanyi perform, mountain door, Zhou Wen king perform, exchange platform, ancient hall base location, there are more than ten times of stone inscription such as " Zhou WenWang Youli city", "Yu tablet" , "gentle Wang Yi", for studying "Zhou Yi" and history, calligraphy, all have important historical data value.

>>Yuan garden
Have another name called the forest or tomb Yuan, arch usurper of state power graveyard of Yuan ShiKai, peaceful village of Northeastern corner of the village on Anyang Huan. Take up an area of 15.867, build on August the fifth year of the Republic of China, start to complete in many ways last two years, consume more than 1,500,000 yuan. According to lighting, pattern of the clear imperial tomb of this mausoleum, adopt the Chinese and Western tactics of constructing, regard China's classical traditional structure as the body, the style and features of Western building coexists at all times in order to use, styles are different. After piercing through the traditional decorated archway door of China, it is the spirit way of the passageway of shade of woods. There are opposite cloud pillar, stone horse, stone tiger, stone lion, military officer, gentle official of stone carving of stone carving, etc. both sides of supernatural way. This according to specification of "emperor" certainly, triumphant tomb make flags, weapons, etc. carried by a guard of honor for generation such as Yuan. What has been made people feel special is that no matter stone horse, stone tiger, stone lion or gentle official's military office , it is all short leg.
Its stone-tablet pavilion is a traditional type. Pavilion of Yuanshikai tombstone as the same as kings and princes in the feudal society to bear by bixi.
Have passed the stone-tablet pavilion, it is the gate. Have an audience hall positively, come with in the hall on both sides, are all buildings of the style in Qing Dynasty. And then move ahead, large tomb base. There are three doors on the base, the iron gate of the middle is totally the Western-style building, look like the people "office of commander in chief" of the beginning. However, are carving Black Dragon, fierce tiger, etc. in tomb emblem hung on the iron gate. The big tomb of three storeys of daises in the iron gate, is Yuanshikai in the triumphant place that buries. It is round in shape, uses the reinforced concrete casting completely, the stone lion carved around imitates Western-style "writes or paints realistically" too, but not "comfortable" of China's traditional type .

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