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Anyang Transportation

External traffic

Anyang has Beijing-Guangzhou Railway well versed in within the border, can lead to Beijing northwards, can reach Zhengzhou and Wuhan to southwards. Pass Anyang to the trains of Luoyang, Xi'an, Chengdu, Kunming and other places from Beijing. The railway station of Anyang lies at the liberation way westernmost end of the city center.

National road 107 is passed within the border; complement each other with Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. Have one expressway through from Zhengzhou to XuChang, this high speed leaves from Anyang, it only takes 3 hours from Anyang to Zhengzhou of provincial capital of Henan. The long-distance bus station lies in the east of the railway station.

Internal transportation

The public transport is developed, has already offered more than 30 routes of public transit service, the buses mostly implement nobody's selling the system of ticket, the passenger inserts coins and go by bus. The admission fee is by 1-2 Yuan. Many bus circuits can lead to the scenic spot directly.

The starting fare of the urban taxi is 6 Yuan for 3 kilometers, the Taxi is 1 Yuan per kilometer, Xiali is 1.3 Yuan per kilometer.

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